The Wax Bar Newcastle

With only a few more days until Christmas, party season is well and truly upon us.  If you’ve let your party prep fall by the wayside then fear not as I’m about to tip you off with a brand new beauty offering you’ll want to add to your little black book.

What we’ve lacked in Newcastle for some time now, and you’ll know this because of my endless rants about it, is a dedicated wax bar.  Somewhere that specialises in the art of hot waxing, from eyebrows to intimate waxing and everything in between, it’s something we’ve been in need of for a long time.


Brand new salon The Wax Bar aims to address that.  On upmarket St George’s Terrace in Jesmond and with free parking right outside the door, the salon is perfectly situated for fly-by appointments.  With salons in Edinburgh, Fife and now Newcastle, The Wax Bar is an established brand that’s rapidly expanding largely because of their expertise and quick appointment turnover.  Founder & Head Therapist Nicole Peterson is a graduate from the Mary Reid International School of Beauty; an institution with a reputation for being the best of the best in the beauty industry, and those high standards are reflected in The Wax Bar.

From its signature charcoal and white colour schemes complemented by fuschia pink branding, The Wax Bar prides itself on being sleek and minimalist, much like its signature Hollywood wax. 🙌🏼

I arrived for my appointment and was greeted by two smiling faces and a salon that smelled like fresh grapefruit.  The place is gorgeous, pretty damn near perfect in fact.  Smart, slick and very clean, there’s a nail bar in the main reception area too.  I was introduced to my Therapist Gemma and taken through what to expect from my Hollywood wax (£38) in a well equipped room in keeping with the theme of the salon.

The Wax Bar favours hot waxing and uses Lycon wax throughout, if you’re not already familiar, here comes the science:  Lycon is the market leader in hot waxing.  Used with an oil prep,  Lycon wax shrink wraps around the hair to remove only the hair and not the skin, reducing the pain caused by waxing to almost nothing.  Because of this, the area can be re-waxed to remove stubborn hairs, something you can’t achieve with strip wax.

Aside from the gorgeous, simplistic colours scheme and genius branding, one of the best things about The Wax Bar is the speed at which they can turnover an appointment.  With over ten years experience in the beauty industry and a flair for waxing, these girls have got mad skills and it shows.  With no rushing, but also no waiting around, it’s the perfect appointment –  done and dusted in a cool 20 minutes including changing time – perfect for days when you need to be in and out with minimal fuss and with online booking the process is streamlined from start to finish.

Obviously you all know by now that I’m a bit of a waxing connoisseur and after living in London, I’ve come to know where to find the best Wax Therapists in the UK.  The Wax Bar definitely makes the cut.  With a mission statement similar to Strip in London, although the salon also offers additional sought after beauty treatments such as LVL Lashes, HD Brows and nail services, the focus is firmly on the waxing with a full, diverse treatment menu dedicated to the sticky stuff.

img_3034Uncomfortable about intimate waxing?  Don’t be.  There’s just no need, yes there are places out there that may make you feel uncomfortable, The Wax Bar isn’t one of them.  These girls eat, sleep and breathe wax, it’s their lifeblood and their job is to make you feel at ease, which they excel at.  It’s a virtually pain free process, (yes, you read that right) and there’s a wickedy  loyalty scheme to boot.

If you’re an intimate waxing virgin and are mildly intrigued, then man up and book an appointment, it’ll change your life.  If you’re not brave enough to opt for the Hollywood wax then The Wax Bar offers a full suite of waxing treatments including eyebrows (£10), underarms (£15) and legs (£30).  If you’re quick you still have time to grab one of their Festive Offers including a Half Leg Wax & Hollywood Wax for £40 instead of £56 and I’d stake my kid on the fact that you’ll be back for more….

Pixie xo

Newcastle Skin Clinic Shortlisted for a Safety in Beauty Award

North East business woman and Newcastle Skin Clinic Aesthetic Nurse Luisa Scott has been nominated for the Nurse of the Year Diamond Award by the Safety in Beauty organisation.

The Safety in Beauty campaign seeks to:

Help, educate and empower consumers
Facilitate a better, safer, more transparent industry
Offer much-needed support
Give peace of mind to everyone seeking to improve their looks
The Safety in Beauty Campaign supports member of the public by allowing them limited FREE access to emotional, legal and medical advice and support. The campaign is run by voluntary supporters and professionals who do not receive any financial renumeration for the time and services that they generously give for the greater good of the campaign objectives.

Luisa began her Aesthetics career in Urban Retreat Medi-Spa in Harrods of London before returning to her home town of Newcastle to concentrate on opening a boutique aesthetics clinic to serve the people of the North East.  With the idea of bringing Harley Street to the North East, Newcastle Skin Clinic was set up offering aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, skin peels and lip enhancements.

Luisa is known for her Signature Lip Augmentation procedure: ApocaLips and her loyal clients have coined the nickname Luisa Lips for this very reason.  With the cast of Geordie Shore as regular clients, Luisa has built a reputation for being a careful, conscientious practitioner who listens to the needs of her clients before guiding them through treatment.

With a loyal client base from all over the UK (and further afield), not just the North East, she is passionate about providing a quality service to her clients and is proud to be nominated for a Diamond Award.

“It was a complete surprise” Luisa said, “I wasn’t aware that I had been shortlisted until this week and had to call to confirm.”  Speaking about the Safety in Beauty Awards, Luisa said that they are of utmost importance to the aesthetics industry as they “give patients a voice and a place where they can seek out trusted and accurate advice.”  About her own nomination Luisa said that she is “honoured and humbled to be nominated for a Safety in Beauty Award, it’s recognition for good work and safe practice.”

Newcastle Skin Clinic is now in it’s second year of business and Luisa is showing no signs of slowing down.  With a second business, Glam Squad Express, a hair and make up studio which launched earlier this year Luisa tells us that in Newcastle it’s important to always look at what clients want and need and respond accordingly.

In her spare time, Luisa is  DJ and has worked in the hottest clubs from London to Ibiza and still dabbles now so it’s no surprise that Glam Squad Express have just launched their ‘Glam Night In‘ which Luisa tells me is a the perfect prelude to a night out in Newcastle.  Put simply, grab your Squad, turn up to have your hair and makeup done as you normally would but there’ll be  DJ spinning your favourite tunes and a champagne stocked fridge.  Sounds good right?


The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards will take place July 2nd in Covent Garden, London at the annual White Party.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you Luisa!

Pixie xo


The Perfect Blowout at Glam Squad Express

The arrival of Glam Squad Express has caused quite a stir in Newcastle and the place isn’t even officially open yet, well, it is, but it isn’t…..

If you’re not already familiar, Glam Squad Express is a Collective, a team of professionals skilled in the art of make-up, hair and nails.  Think Kardashian and you’re on the right track, Kim regularly credits her #GlamSquad for her signature make-up look and Killer Kontour and says she won’t travel without them.  Well folks, that’s exactly the idea behind  Glam Squad Express, a one stop shop to get you event ready in a flash, Kardashian style, and with appointments available late into the evening, this is one place that should absolutely be on your radar.

With the official launch of Glam Squad Express still a month away, the team are using their time to upskill and perfect their techniques and this weekend was all about the signature blowout.  With the help of two of the UK’s top Hair Stylists from Urban Retreat, Harrods, the team were treated to a masterclass in creating and mastering the perfect bouncy blowout.

David Fletcher (Fletch) and Tracey Jones from Urban Retreat, Harrods, bring with them a wealth of experience, having worked with everyone from Ashley Roberts and Abbey Crouch to Frankie bridge and Kelly Brook, their list of credentials is endlessly impressive, and with extensive Fashion Month and TV styling experience, who better to learn from, right?

Glam Squad Express Stylists Rachael and Rebecca were given an intensive, hands on  Blowout Masterclass, with models brought in from local agency Tyne Tees Models, the reigning Miss Newcastle and reality TV stars from hit MTV series Geordie Shore, (with gorgeous Geordie Shore star Chantelle Connolly crediting it as the best blow-dry she’s ever had) the girls were taught to recreate the perfect bouncy blowout requested so often in salons up and down the country.

Fletch tells me that the perfect blow-dry is for anyone.  Absolutely any hair length, from a short crop or a sharp bob through to long, Kardashian-esque locks, there’s a perfect blowout for you, and the principles are the same.  He goes on to say “It’s not about creating volume, it’s about getting a lift, yes, but it’s also about making the top heavy so the hair sits closer to the head and the wave is through the ends, that’s what makes it natural, sexy and less styled”

So if you have shorter hair, like me (not through choice) and you thought this wasn’t something you could tap into, then this should be music to your ears.  Don’t believe me?  How about some visual evidence….

Convinced and want a piece of the action?  Then you’d better get yourself booked in with the newly upskilled #GlamSquad!  For the month of April and up until the official launch, Glam Squad Express are running a special introductory offer, £35 for both hair and makeup in one appointment.  That’s right Voyeurs, you can kick back with a glass of fizz while your own personal Glam Squad work their magic on you; take in a movie on their big screen TV, catch up on emails or whatever takes your fancy.  I did exactly that this weekend and channelled my inner Khloe Kardashian.  To book click here.

Pixie x

Next up for the Glam Squad……… Braids!

Glam Squad Express can be found at 68 Jesmond Road West, Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE2 4PQ, right around the corner from the Civic Centre. 



The Glam Squad comes to Newcastle

Newcastle girls are known for that glamorous, high maintenance look, along with our inability to feel the cold – a killer combination for a night out on the toon.  That “look” that we’re famous for is about to get a whole lot more accessible and achievable with the arrival of The Glam Squad in the city centre.

The Glam Squad is exactly how it sounds, a team of professionals dedicated to making you look like the best version of your gorgeous self.   Whether it’s a morning meeting, a big evening event, celebration or just a night out with friends.  They specialise in making you feel and look great with ease.

With opening hours from dawn ’til dusk (well not quite but not far off), The Glam Squad can get you ready for your first meeting of the day with a bouncy blow out, have you looking perfect for that first dinner date, or looking uber glam for that big night out.  Whether you want to fly in fresh out of bed and out again with perfect hair, or rock up with your squad on an evening and make an event of it, The Glam squad have got you covered.

Remember when you were eighteen, (maybe you still are but I’m not so just go with it…) and you’d have friends over, jams playing and maybe even a bottle of something cheeky while you all did your hair and make up for a night out?  Well The Glam Squad is exactly that.  With a dedicated studio in Newcastle and a private entrance, you and your party can arrive to a champagne reception, a DJ spinning your favourite tunes, and hair, make up and nail artists available with express packages to get you looking ship shape and party ready in no time; all that’s left for you to do is pick an outfit.

Currently, The Glam Squad have an introductory offer on make up services; get in quick and for the month of April you can grab this service for £25 – a great way to tap into The Glam Squad experience for less than the price of a round at the bar, or an Uber home.  The studio itself is perfectly located in a quiet, discreet area of the city centre – close enough that you’re ready to hit the town straight away but hidden enough that you could arrive in your sweatpants or lounge wear.

If you’d like to book in, there’s a handy online form so you don’t even need to pick up the phone 

So, get booked, get in and above all, get glam with The Glam Squad…..

Pixie x

The Glam Squad, 68 Jesmond Road West, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 4PQ #TheGlamSquad



Glam Express- 30 mins (wash, express blow dry, no extensions) £30
Ultimate Glam- 45 mins (wash, head massage, blow dry) £35 without extensions £40 with extensions
Glam Me Up- 45 mins (wash and personalised up do) £35 without extensions £40 with extensions
Glam Trim- 60 mins (wash, trim, blow dry) £60 without extensions £65 with extensions
Make Me Up- 30 mins (expert personalised make-up application) £30
Up & Away- 40 mins (face mask and expert personalised make-up application) £40 (£20 redeemable against product purchases to take away)
Lash Me- add lashes to your look for an additional £6
Quickie- 20 mins (express nail maintenance finished off with a polish) £15
AM Gel- 30 mins (express nail maintenance with gel polish application) £25 for fingers or toes
60 mins £35 for fingers and toes
The Glam Manicure/Pedicure- 45 mins (Specially designed to leave your hands or feet feeling truly pampered.  Nail grooming, cleansing, cuticle treatment, massage, polish or gel application) £30 with polish £35 with gel/french
Extend Me- 45 mins (full set of nail extensions) £30
Fill Me In- 30 mins (full set of infils) £20


97 & Social Launch

I was invited to the launch of the newest premium nightspot in Jesmond, 97 & Social.  Part of the Cairn Group, and sister venue to SoHe, the idea for the bar was borne out of SoHe clients with a desire to continue their drinking experience long after they’d finished their meal.

Primarily a bar with an extensive cocktail menu, 97 & Social also has a seasonal Street Food menu serving up simple and very reasonably priced bar classics.


I threw on a red Moschino leather skirt with an Alexander McQueen Lenticular tank and took my newly blue hair along for the ride to Jesmond, just outside the city centre.


The venue itself sits comfortably at no.97 Osborne road (obvs.) and has an adjoining door through to the Cairn Hotel.  It stands out amongst some of the more tired bars and restaurants of the famed Osborne Road and it’s simplicity has real kerb appeal.  Smooth green lawns (fake I think) are either side of the entrance and I’m greeted by two of the nicest door staff I’ve ever come across, seriously (apologies guys if that hurts your badass reputation).  I make my way into the bar which is surprisingly spacious, I’m told that not all of the furniture has arrived in time for the launch so it won’t actually be quite so free-flowing but first impressions of the bar are good.

It’s a far cry from the likes of the more modern bars we’ve seen cropping up in Newcastle recently, this has more of a Classic Deco vibe to it, possibly a little muddled with it’s themes it’s still aesthetically pleasing.  There are semi-private seating areas throughout the bar, some have a more contemporary feel with high back confessional style booths and modern style lighting and others are set to replicate a mini lounge with imitation low back Chesterfield style seating and cosy fireplaces.  The floor tiles around the bar area are beautifully mismatched, something my eye is drawn repeatedly to.

IMG_2459 IMG_2463 IMG_2476

In terms of the launch itself, it’s a little disjointed, there’s a large layout of Bellini’s which appear to be guarded by a member of the bar staff who isn’t approaching anyone and I hear people muttering and asking whether it’s ok to take one, I make my way over to ask and I’m told it’s a signature cocktail made with Jesmond Dene honey and although I then still have to ask for one, it’s pretty damn good.

There’s a diverse mix of people here for the launch, and that’s a good thing.  It’s never a good sign when a bar is personified by the crowd who drinks there but that’s not the case here so far.  I spot the team from Savalas Models bringing the beauty to celebrate their 1st birthday in a booth near the back and there are a lot of guys suited up for the evening (something I love to see).

I pause for a chat with the bar staff and I’m told that the bar will be open from 4pm until 11pm making it a great venue for after work drinks or a late supper, I’m certain the local businesses of Jesmond and the surrounding area will flock to this new venue.

As I leave I stop for another chat with the door staff who tell me how lovely I look (seriously guys, you’re making me blush) they also tell me that there are plans for a heated seating area on the (possibly fake) lawn area outside in time for the Summer which sounds amazing.  They pose for a quick photograph, and then re-pose after not being happy with the first one and with that I’m off chuckling to myself down Osborne road.

I know I’ll be back, there’s something very calming about the place, it’s not frenetic like some bars on Osborne Road, the atmosphere is chilled and the music isn’t too loud.  I’ve no doubt the 97 & Social will be a success and if you’re a regular at SoHe you’re only a hop, skip and a jump away from this decadent new venue.  So go, stop for a chat with the door staff and order an Afternoon delight.  You won’t be disappointed.

Pixie x

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Ladies Pamper Evening, As You Like It

I was invited to a Ladies Pamper Evening this week at eclectic nightspot As You Like It in Jesmond, given that it’s one of my favourite hang outs I jumped in with both feet.  As You Like It is an amazing venue set on the outskirts of Newcastle and spread over three floors, each offering a different vibe.  Quirky and cosy, AYLI claims to be “Newcastle’s most beautiful restaurant” and it’s easy to see why; attention to detail is huge here, right down to the floral wallpaper and perfectly mismatched chairs, it’s no wonder it was once voted “seventh sexiest restaurant in the world” by The Observer.


The event was held downstairs in Frangipani, a “chintz free function room” which still offers an intimate feel despite being a large space.  I worked a hard Seventies look (very Tom Ford) and I swished through the door, all leopard print blouse and vintage denim skirt still sporting straightened hair from an earlier photoshoot.  I arrived to a warm welcome and a Cherry Bomb cocktail in a vintage style jam jar glass so was already winning before the event had even begun.  The room opened out into a softly lit pop up boutique for the evening with stalls from Salisa UK, Love Niche and even Ann Summers.

IMG_1015  10944836_423875627817956_7468495888497872496_n 11150218_423875674484618_4060738410633321809_n

On the outside edge of the room, a brand called Salisa offering a selection of scarves, accessories, clothing and jewellery, all with a very Mint Velvet vibe about it.  Think sports luxe in a cool neutral palette that spans all ages.  Soft touch fabrics and gorgeous buttery soft suede bags invited clients to touch them and owner, Lisa Woodrow was on hand to talk clients through the collection and offer styling advice.  She tells me that her items are stocked in a number of boutiques and stores throughout the region but the bulk of the collection is carried in a small courtyard space just off Sidegate Gallery in Sunniside.  If easy-to-wear separates in soft muted tones are your thing, then it’s worthwhile looking into Salisa a little further.

1476197_423875954484590_7973773479327583422_n 11113116_423875607817958_2160556903086947254_n

In the centre of the space; Love Niche.  We’ve come to know and love this brand, designed by owner Nisha Vedhara, for bringing the glamour and the collection on display today doesn’t disappoint.  Nisha has brought along a super stylish selection of resort wear that wouldn’t look out of place in Monte Carlo Private beach Club, all of which are her own designs and all are equally fabulous.  There’s also a table of accessories which has all bases covered, from snake necklaces through to book style handbags and patterned scarves.  The less expensive diffusion line, Love Niche London is also available to purchase here too and is crowded with Jesmonds Fashion Set for most of the night.

11074996_423875874484598_6064440119880387905_n 11149402_423875911151261_5508093141811042239_n 11032011_423876307817888_2595119524513044671_n

Mini beauty treatments were also on hand from the girls at City Retreat, Jesmond and these consisted of head and shoulder massages, hand massages, mini manicures and more, there were also Elemis Spa products available to buy on the evening.  Further round the room were displays of beautifully decorated cupcakes for all occasions (sadly not available to eat, just to look at) and jewellery.

11133746_423876157817903_3643521104801954579_n 11101243_423876174484568_7033625132317220649_n 11102741_423876051151247_4943586084086640031_n

The evening was set up in conjunction with The Chronicle Sunshine Fund in order to raise money to provide specialised equipment to children with special needs and disabilities in the North East of England.  As a mum to a child with disabilities myself, (something i don’t talk about a great deal) I jumped at the chance to support this great event and was pleased to see that it was well supported by the women of Newcastle and that throughout the evening, the atmosphere was positive and non-waning.

thanks so much to As You Like It for inviting me, and also I must say a huge thank you to Nisha Vedhara for gifting me a gorgeous peach tulip midi skirt on the evening, I’m super grateful and absolutely love it, you’ll see me wearing it very soon!

Pixie x


To find out more about the partners involved in this event visit: