Happy New Year

Welcoming in 2017

Happy New Year Voyeurs! ¬†Whether you’ve welcomed in 2017 with promises to lose weight, get fit or just generally ‘do better’, I’m here to tell you that it really doesn’t matter.

That’s right Voyeurs, I’m not one for the New Year, New Me movement, I was pretty damn awesome throughout 2016 and each previous year and I intend to remain just as awesome throughout 2017, no matter how much the Debbie Downright Crazies (You know who you are, and thanks for reading ūüėė) desperately want me to fail.

So, if you made a resolution this New Year and you’re struggling to keep it up, then take a deep breath, recalibrate, and shake it off. ¬†There’s no point beating yourself up about it as you’ll only slide further down the slope – and you’re way too fabulous for that.

Remember, the hardest promises to keep, are the ones we make to ourselves. ¬†There will always be an excuse to put yourself on the back burner, whether it’s the school run, work committments or just a plain old lack of motivation, it’s easy to make excuses for ourselves, to ourselves.

Me? ¬†I never make New Year’s resolutions because I’m a personal acevement saboteur and I kinda feel like if I want to do something, I’ll do it no matter what. ¬†But if you do, I’m here to say, don’t be so hard on yourself. ¬†Treat it like that weird 5:2 diet and if you can manage 5 days commitment out of every 7, I’d say you’re doing pretty well. ¬†After all, what does it really matter anyway?

So, Happy New Year Voyeurs, make 2017 your bitch and go be awesome. ¬†My words of wisdom for this new year are similar to those of Cinderella’s mom; Have courage, be kind, and don’t be a dick.

Speak soon….

Pixie xo

Happy New Year Voyeurs!

Yikes, it’s 2016!

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions. ¬†I’m one of those people who thinks that rules were made to be broken so there just never seemed much point, but I did want to write a quick post to thank all of you loyal readers for sticking with me over the last twelve months, you’re all awesome!

So, what’s happening in 2016? ¬†Well, quite a lot actually – The first quarter brings us Mens Fashion Month, The Golden Globes, The Oscars and of course, Fashion Month (not forgetting my birthday natch). ¬†The new season campaigns will be revealed, my money is on Balmain (always) and Tom Ford Cosmetics to bring real standout campaigns to the table.

My personal big news is that I’ve been signed to a model agency called Tyne Tees Models which is weird and amazing in equal measure. ¬†I’m super excited to get stuck into that side of things and I’ll write up a post on the whole thing pretty soon.

As we’re starting a brand new year, if there’s something you’d like to see more of on Fashion Voyeur, or something new you’d like me to cover, just drop me an email at pixie.tenenbaum@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do.

So dear Voyeurs, I wish you love and good health¬†for 2016 but really I’m just here for the fashion….

Pixie x